Our Why

FASTell Girl Model2Mentor was developed to break the devastating cycle of rising suicide ideation and attempts among adolescent girls. Founder Cameka LaSha, a child and adolescent behavior counselor, intimately understands the heart-wrenching reasons behind these alarming statistics. As a survivor of childhood abuse, poverty, and generational trauma, Cameka herself longed to escape the pain she endured. Fueled by her own transformative journey as a single mother facing unhealed trauma, Cameka developed the FASTell Girl Model2Mentor Program—a lifeline and support system for girls and young women who, like her, yearn for a chance to reshape their circumstances and achieve a higher quality of life.

Our mission

To equip at-risk adolescent girls with behavior management skills to ACCESS a higher quality of life

Our vision

For ALL girls, to have ACCESS to a higher quality of life


FASTell Story

Shining Light on Black & Brown Girls Healing and Empowerment

Board of Directors & Staff

Cameka Robertson- Board Chair & Executive Director

Kathy Adams- Board Director

Paulette Hyder- Board Director

Tamara Jones- Board Director

Charisma Kirby- Case Manager

Jordan Lawton- Board Liaison & Fund Development

Michael Brown- Board Consultant


Back2School Supplies
Annual Coats2Care

Fundraising Events

At FASTell Girl Model2Mentor, our fundraising strategy is as innovative as our approach to community development. Just like our core programs, which prioritize healing and empowerment, our fundraising efforts break traditional boundaries. We value the importance of identity and creativity, therefore, our events center around the performing arts. From captivating poetry readings to mesmerizing dance performances and awe-inspiring theatrical showcases, our fundraising events are a vibrant celebration of the human spirit. By blending artistry with philanthropy, we create immersive experiences that not only support our cause but also inspire others to embrace their own creative potential. Join us as we redefine fundraising, making it an unforgettable journey where compassion and artistic expression merge to uplift and transform lives within our communities.


An Affective Mentor is An Effective Model

Since its inception in 2018, the FAStell Girl Model2Mentor program has achieved remarkable success, mentoring nearly 100 girls and leaving a lasting impact on their lives. Our program is dedicated to measuring success through a comprehensive assessment that includes various key indicators.

Significant measures of success lies in the improvement of academic and test scores, completion of educational and career development programs, and witnessing the personal growth of our mentees as they navigate their educational and career journeys. We measure success through the attainment of milestones, such as high school graduation, enrollment in higher education institutions, securing internships or employment, and the development of leadership skills. These accomplishments demonstrate the resilience, determination, and personal development our mentees have experienced throughout their participation in the program.